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The Natural Way To Tackle A Cold And Flu...

January 29th 2015
By: Melanie

There seems to be so many people with colds and flu at this time of year, and often we choose to buy expensive products from pharmacies to make ourselves feel better. However new research has shown that there is no clinically proven tests to show that buying an expensive cough medicine for example is any better than drinking a warm drink of honey and lemon to soothe a sore throat.

So here is our guide on how to look after yourselves the natural way...

It might seem really obvious, but blow your nose often. If you can avoid sniffing the mucus back into your body you can often avoid further complications such as a chest infection or sinusitis. Always wash your hands after blowing your nose. It can also help to clear a blocked ear.

Rest as much as possible, your body will be battling to destroy the infection, so by resting it, you will be putting as much energy as possible into getting rid of it.

Gargling, this can give relief to a sore throat. Just mix a teaspoon of salt into warm water until it has dissolved and gargle four times a day. If you have a tickle in your throat mix together honey and apple cider vinegar and gargle.

Keep up your fluids, especially warm ones which can help you to clear up any nasal congestion. Hot honey and lemon is supposed to be especially good for sore throats.

If you have central heating, air out your house once a day, this will help to prevent unhealthy bacteria to grow.

A steamy shower will also help, although it might be the last thing you feel like doing, but it will help congestion and will relax you.