The Modern Day Treasure Hunt!

April 15th 2014
By: Melanie

Geocaching is an outdoors global treasure hunt for all ages, so if you fancy doing something different this year why not give it a go this Easter holidays. The aim of the game like any good hunt is to find the treasure or 'cache,' using a hand held GPS or smartphone and you will need to join the Groundspeak Geocaching website.

So what does a cache look like? It's normally a small metal or plastic box that contain various small items and a log, so that you can write your Geocaching code name and swap your trinket. These can be hidden out of site anywhere, and some can be quite difficult to find even with the exact GPS coordinates! Some of the best are hidden with riddles and can be found under benches in stone walls, or anywhere; which makes the whole experience more exciting.

The most exciting treasure is a Ground Speak Travel bug or Geocoin, these are trinkets that are followed from place to place as Geocachers track them on line, as they move from cache to cache in the real world. The travel bug looks like a metal tag and a Geocoin is usually an elaborate coin or medallion. It's really exciting to find a coin which has traveled from the other side of the world.

Other caches can be themed, so you might find one that has a dinosaur theme for example. If you are wondering which type of trinkets to take, these can be anything from free plastic party gifts, marbles, pretty stones, feathers, anything you would like to add.

There are quite a few Geocaching sites across Essex and Herts, so if you would like to find one in your area please go to, it will tell you the size of the cache, the date it was hidden, the difficulty, the terrain and it will have a star rating.

Good luck, and enjoy. We would love you to share with us some of your found treasure on our Facebook page.