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The counties of Essex and Herts – best places to raise a child

September 18th 2017
By: Melanie
The counties of Essex and Herts – best places to raise a child

It’s hardly surprising the counties of Essex and Hertfordshire remain popular with family buyers as they offer so much in terms of lifestyle, affordability, schooling and proximity to the Capital, and a recent article in the Telegraph backs up just why many home buyers are finding them so appealing.  

In the Telegraph’s chart of the best English places to raise a child, their stats reveal that an average three bedroom house in Hertfordshire and Essex still offers very good value for money compared to other home counties including Surrey which came out as being one of the most expensive places to buy a three bed house, at an average of £439,430 compared to Hertfordshire at £397,306 and Essex at £299,511. Although the average school rating in Surrey is 94.3%, Hertfordshire and Essex followed closely behind at 91.96% and 92.01% consecutively. Which means that these counties still offer some of the best value for money property.

In May this year another study by MoneySuperMarket showed that London is the worse places to bring up a child with the average house costing £484,803. The report considered key aspects including crime rates, house prices, schools, wages and access to green spaces. Other cities cited for being the worst were Newry, Armagh, Leeds, Bradford, Sheffield, Glasgow, Kingston upon Hull, Brighton and Hove and Birmingham.

One of the best cities they say for raising children is Newcastle, because of its 28 outstanding schools, access to green spaces and the average house price being £161,255.

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Source: The Telegraph