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The Average Household Throws Out Over £700 Food Waste Each Year - How To Cut Down Your Food Waste...

October 23rd 2013
By: Melanie

News that one of our biggest supermarkets in the UK, Tesco has been throwing about thousands of tonnes of food waste away every year has caused a stir in the UK.

Tesco's reported that it threw out 30,000 tonnes during the first six month of this year, with packet salads and bakery making up a huge percentage of waste. They reported that 68% of packet salads were thrown out, with 35% being thrown out by consumers in their homes. Food classed as 'bakery' made up 11,700 tonnes of Tesco's total food waste.

Matt Simister, Tesco's commercial director of group food commented: 'Ending multi-buy promotions on large packs of bagged salads is one way we can help, but this is just the start and we'll be reviewing what else we can do.'

According to Wrap, the Waste and resources Action Programme, Britons throw away an average of £56 per month of food waste.

So here is our check list of how you can cut down your food waste:

Buy only what you need - make a list

Cheese going off? Grate it and put it in the freezer to use on top of meals

Fruit that is about to go off make into a fruit smoothie

Avoid buy one get one free, on fresh items

Move older stuff to the front of your fridge, so that you use it first

Keep pasta, rice and so fourth in your pantry to go with your fresh food

The website Love food Hate Waste have some great food saving ideas, where you can take a their food waste challenge, download their free app, take a look at their recipe videos, as well as loads of advice on how to cut food waste.

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