Teddy Bears Picnic For Hertfordshire

June 26th 2014
By: Melanie

There is always one Teddy bears picnic to take in in a Summer if you have small children. The Castle in Hertford, Hertfordshire looks set to be a fun day on Sunday 29th June Teddy Bears' Picnic you can enjoy a traditional family afternoon, with live music, entertainment, activities and much more. Don't forget to bring your teddy! The Castle's doors will be open for the public to have a look around.
If you miss that there are several other events to enjoy there as the summer goes on for example on Friday 4th July Retail Independents' Day Late Night Shopping or Sun 20 July Discover Hertford Castle then on Sun 3 August Rock at the Castle Sun 17 August Brass Band Concert and Castle Open Day
Hertford Castle was built on a site first fortified around 911. By the time of the Normal invasion in 1066 amotte and bailey were on the site surrounded by a moat, William the Conqueror gave  the castle to Peter de Valoignes, the High Sheriff of Essex and Hertfordshire. Since then the Castle has undergone a range of changes and renovations over the years up until 1805 when  the castle became the home of the East India Company College. In 1911, the Hertford Corporation leased the gatehouse of the castle (which was all that then remained) from the Marquees of Salisbury to house its administration. The grounds became a public garden. In the 1930s, the north wing was added to the gatehouse and, subsequently, Lord Salisbury gave what was left of the castle to the town.  If you live in Hertfordshire, it seems only reasonable that you at least once visit Hertford Castle in Hertford, Hertfordshire!