Targeting Potential Tenants For Buy-To Let

March 21st 2012
By: Melanie

At Intercounty for a buy-to-let investment to really work we would recommend instead of imagining yourself living in your investment property, you really have to put yourself in the shoes of your target tenant.

Again ask yourself some of the obvious questions. Who are they and what do they want? If they are students, it needs to be easy to clean and comfortable but not luxurious. If they are young professionals it should be modern and stylish but not overbearing. If it is a family they will have plenty of their own belongings and need a blank canvas. As experience Estate agent at Intercounty we have a wealth of knowledge about the areas different types of people want to live in and why.

Most buy-to-let investors look for properties near where they live. But your town may not be the best investment. The advantage of a property close by is being able to keep an eye on it, but if you will be employing an agent anyway they should do that for you.

Cast your net wider and look at towns with good commuting links that are popular with familes or have a sizeable university. Consider looking further afield if you need to research an area further away the experience of local estate agents can be invaluable in the search for the right property to match your target tenants.  Intercounty has a broad knowledge of many potential tenant hot spots.