August 27th 2021
At Intercounty, we have been very busy of late, and we know how active the housing market has been of late. Also, the leading property portal in the country has confirmed how busy the market is. Rightmove figures show that the opening half of 2021 is the busiest the UK housing market has been in years.
July 5th 2021
The housing market is still extremely busy as we move into the summer of 2021, and a lot of people are engaged with sales. However, if you are looking to enter the market, there are still opportunities
June 30th 2021
We all know demand for homes is much bigger than the supply of property right now. This is shaping the market, and is a huge factor in rising prices.
May 24th 2021
There are many reasons why people move home, but the importance of owning property and being on the property ladder should never be overlooked.
April 16th 2021
The two key housing measures introduced in the March Budget looked to have invigorated buyers in the market.
December 4th 2020
It would be correct to say the pandemic has impacted how we think about virtually every aspect of our lives. At Intercounty, we work closely with a range of buyers and vendors, and we know people are looking for different things compared to what they wanted in 2020.
November 6th 2020
It is fair to say the stamp duty holiday has impacted many people across the country. The chance to make a significant saving when buying a home is appealing, and this is the case in Chelmsford as it is anywhere else.
October 9th 2020
We know landlords have a lot of regulations to contend with, and keeping in touch with regulations is a challenging part of being a landlord. You might not be aware of this, but landlords in England must comply with more than 150 regulations.
August 13th 2017
Intercounty Chelmsford has this delightful one bedroom, detached Grade II listed property for sale in Chelmsford. Located close to the city centre and main line station.
June 6th 2017
If you are thinking of moving your family from London to Chelmsford you will not be alone, as the short commute, 32 miles to the center of London is very enticing to London’s family dwellers.
February 14th 2017
It’s that time of year again when I am frequently asked: “What is the property market going to do this year?” 2016 was a year o...
July 29th 2016
Over the past few years savvy buyers have been moving out of London in search of larger properties within a commutable distance of the Capital.