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Survey Suggests Being A Landlord Is More Stressful Than It Used To Be

October 17th 2014
By: Acquarone

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Research by UK Landlord Tax has suggested that being a landlord in the UK is becoming increasingly stressful, with over half of landlords using their annual holidays to sort out issues. A quarter of Landlords surveyed found being a landlord more stressful than originally anticipated and over two thirds were more stressed than a year ago.

Contributing factors adding to landlord stress levels include late rent payments (58%), funding property maintenance and repairs (40%), tax concerns (38%), void periods (no tenants in your property – 35%) and not enough time to juggle issues at the property with work (28%).

Simon Thandi, director at UK Landlord Tax added ‘following the dramatic increase in landlords in the UK it’s not surprising that they are becoming more stressed. Letting properties is a serious business and with the number of so-called ‘accidental landlords’ increasing significantly it’s no surprise that landlords are feeling the pressure.’

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