Sunshine Doesn’T Make You Any Happier?

May 29th 2014
By: Melanie

Weather forecasters have predicted a whole month of rain in June, but according to behavioral scientist Paul Dolan he says that people who live in warm dry climates are no happier than those living in gloomier areas.

Instead he stated that people feel miserable because they dwell on the rainy days too much.

Dolan told the Daily Telegraph: “A study was done which assessed the happiness levels of people in California compared to the North West.

“They expected that people in California would be happier because it is more sunny but they found that levels of happiness were exactly the same.

“If it is sunny everyday you get used to it and the sunshine doesn’t make you any happier.

“Most of the time the weather doesn’t affect out wellbeing at all. But when we think about it, and think that it does, that’s when we get miserable.“

In the UK it is very unusual to get long periods of sunshine, so it would be hard to imagine it not having an impact on our mental wellbeing.

Do you agree that we feel miserable in the UK because we dwell on rainy days too much?

Source: Daily Telegraph