Stay In Touch With Letting Trends

October 18th 2021
By: Intercounty
Stay In Touch With Letting Trends

At Intercounty, we aim to provide the best standard of support for landlords in Stansted, and we believe it is vital to stay in touch with what is happening in the lettings market.

If you are looking for guidance or assistance in the local lettings market, and you want to stay in touch with the latest letting trends, please get in touch.

What is happening that landlords need to know

A survey showed:

  • 47% of Build To Rent (BTR) developments state they are pet-friendly

  • 40% of listings state they offer car parking

  • 33% of BTR developments feature on-site concierge support

  • 27% offer free Wi-Fi

  • 26% provide a residents lounge or a shared communal space to socialise in

  • 20% list an on-site gym as a feature

  • 12% come with a communal garden space

There is no denying that pets in the rental market is becoming a key issue. Many landlords are now considering whether it is worth letting to tenants with pets, as this is a sizable market.

It is important to be aware of the costs and challenges associated with letting property to pets. The costs associated with cleaning the rental property at the end of the lease, and the delays in ensuring the property is suitable for rent for the next tenant will continue to lead some landlords to think is not a viable option.

Are you looking to let to tenants with pets?

While it is not yet mandatory for landlords to let to tenants with pets, the market is moving in that direction. There is a good chance that the legislation will move further towards the tenant on this matter, and some landlords are getting ahead of the market by changing their approach right now.

It should also be noted that the need for Wi-Fi is even more important in rental property these days. This is an essential part of living these days, for social aspects, for work, and for managing all aspects of a person’s life.

People need Wi-Fi at home

A landlord who offers a dependable level of service when it comes to Wi-Fi and internet connectivity will find tenants are keen to deal with them. A proactive landlord will ensure their property provides a dependable level of broadband connectivity to their tenants, and promoting this fact will stand good landlords out from their peers or rivals.

Farhan Malik, chief executive of Manor Interiors, the company which commissioned the survey, said; “Build To Rent is increasing in popularity so quickly because it offers a truly modern renting experience. After decades, if not centuries of an unchanged private rental industry, tenants are starting to kick back against the poor standards and inflexibility common among private landlords. It’s clear that the build to rent industry has listened to these renter frustrations and responded by ensuring that their developments cater to the evolving expectations and needs. We see this in the fact that nearly half of build to rent developments are pet friendly, an increasingly common renter demand that private landlords have long refused to engage with.”

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