Spring Clean - The Eco Way...

April 8th 2015
By: Melanie

It's at this time of year when many of us turn our attention to giving our house a really good spring clean, and many of us will be reaching for chemical cleaning products, such as bleaches, disinfectants and so fourth, which can cause asthma, bronchitis allergies and other illnesses. However opting for a more natural approach could enhance your families long-term health.

Experts have said that it's not the odd spray of these chemical products which can cause damage, but the build up of them in our homes which can cause a 'chemical soup', which can cause the real damage. We also know that carpets are bad for our health as not only do they hold thousands of bacteria, but they can also contain a really high level of pollutants. Vacuuming 3 times a week could have a really positive impact on the level of these pollutants in your home.

A great way to clean your home naturally is by using lemon, vinegar and bicarbonate soda and adding them to a spray dispenser, we covered this in our article Marvelous Vinegar - 6 Ways To Clean Your Home The Natural Way

Here are the Daily Telegraph's detox tips for your home:

1. Vacuum carpets at least three times a week, or use natural cork or Marmoleum.

2. Leave your shoes by the front door. Shoes bring in all sorts of nasties, from lead to car exhaust pollutants and pesticides.

3. Bring in a few house plants, particularly bamboo, spider plants and cheese plants, which absorb pollutants.

4. Use olive oil rather than a spray-on wood polish.

5. Replace PVC shower curtains with glass doors, and PVC tablecloths with washable ones.

6. If possible, use water-based or organic paints.

7. Replace non-stick frying pans with stainless-steel or enamel ones and be prepared to scrub.

8. Use vinegar and lemon juice as everyday surface cleaners; add bicarb for extra cleaning strength (it will fizz at first).

9. If you have installed energy-saving measures, make sure your home is still well ventilated.

10. Put children's cuddly toys in the freezer once every six weeks to kill house dust mites.

Source:Daily Telegraph