Some Tips On How Not To Devalue Your Home...

July 18th 2012
By: Melanie

Most of us love our homes, but at some point we know that we will probably need to trade up, trade down or relocate, so it’s important to have half an eye on the future, when making changes to your home to make sure you don’t devalue your property.

Here are a few ways in which you could devalue your home:

  1. Installing PVC windows can be practical in terms of maintenance but if added to a period home could seriously devalue your property.
  2. Loud décor, heavy print wall paper prints, bright walls could turn potential buyers off, it’s best to keep décor neutral.
  3. Bad DIY jobs or half finished repairs could put off potential buyers if they think there is too much work to do, or that the work hasn’t been done to a very high standard.
  4. Badly presented outside space, it’s really important to make sure your property has curb appeal, whether you only have space for hanging baskets or a large lawn, make sure this is kept looking nice.
  5. Spiral staircases might be a practical space saver but it could put off families with small children.
  6. Taking out a bedroom could seriously devalue your property, as the UK market is based on the amount of bedrooms unlike our continental neighbours who look at the entire m2 of a house. has all of the ideas on how to market for a foreign buyer.
  7. Removing original or period features is a big no, no, make sure any work you do on your home is sympathetic.
  8. Make sure you avoid unusual room plans and remember storage is very important to a potential buyer.

If you’re still unsure about any planned changes devaluing your home why not come into your local branch of Intercounty for a cup of coffee we will be happy to talk about any of your concerns with you.