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So What Is The Correct Sun Cream/Spf Factor For Your Family?

August 8th 2014
By: Melanie

If you are either planning on staying at home this summer holidays or traveling abroad you will probably be concerned about protecting yours and your families skin this holidays, so here is a quick guide:

So what is SPF and UVA rating?

This is how much time you can spend in the sun before your skin starts to burn, normally around 15 minutes, so if you use an SPF of say 20, you will be able to increase the amount of time you spend in the sun by 20 times, so you will be able to stay in the sun for around 5 hours.

Damage to the skin is caused by the sun’s ultraviolet A (UVA) and B rays (UVB). UVA can penetrate through clouds, so even on cloudy days you need to apply sun cream to avoid wrinkles and damage caused by the sun. UVB rays are much stronger and are the main cause of people developing skin cancer around the world.

The paler your skin tone, the more it will need protecting from the sun’s damaging rays. According to the Daily Mail, skin scientists have identified seven different types of skin types; 1-2 will burn easily and will have a higher risk of developing skin cancer, usually Celtic, blond or red headed people, people with skin types 3-4  have a moderately lower rate of getting skins cancer, skin types 5-7 are normally dark skinned, Asians or Africans who have a low risk of burning and skin cancer.

The closer you travel to the equator or in altitude the stronger the sun’s rays, therefore you must use a much stronger sun cream.

According to skin specialist Nicholas Lowe the best type of creams to protect you against the suns rays (which do not make your skin go white) are suns creams with Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide. Lowe also suggests that people keep to well known brands when choosing a sun cream as they have been thoroughly tested, such as Ambre Solaire, Vichy, Vaseline Intensive Care's range, Piz Buin and Boot's Soltan.

The amount of sun cream you use during a 7 day holiday for a family of 4 is 20, 200ml bottles, sun cream should be applied at least twice a day with around 85ml being used all over your body. Allow at least 30 minutes for the sun cream to penetrate before swimming, or else you will find that it just comes off straight away, the best times to apply are when you and your kids are getting dressed in the morning and after each swim.

Source: Daily Mail