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Snuggle Down In Your Bedroom

October 8th 2014
By: Melanie

As the evenings draw in and the weather starts to be more autumnal often the bedroom becomes more of a significant room in the home where more time is spent and it might be time to think about redesigning it or refreshing it before Winter sets in.

When redesigning a bedroom the most important thing to consider is what will help you and your significant other have the best night's sleep.  Making sure the room is not too cluttered and over stimulating can be a factor as can your colour scheme.  Lots of studies suggest that the telly and technology should be removed from the bedroom for a good night's sleep. Having the right colour scheme can also be a factor. Some colours are definitely more relaxing than others and some studies have even found that people with blue bedrooms can get more sleep. Brighter colours it is suggested may help lead to a better mood, but might actually keep you up longer at night.

The layout of a bedroom is important too. Even though you might think you need three chest-of-draws a wardrobe and two nightstands. It is important to try to leave plenty of walking space around the bed and room enough for drawers and cupboards to open properly for the room to feel relaxing. When picking the spot for your bed, think about your windows and doors. Even if you have blackout curtains, putting your bed underneath a window might be a bad idea if you are light sensitive and for some even the smallest crack in the door can let hallway light in and disrupt your attempts to sleep.