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Slugs To Invade Our Gardens…

March 13th 2015
By: Melanie

According to a new report our gardens are going to be invaded by millions of slugs and snails in the UK this year. Experts are suggesting that this will be the worst ever year, being led by the cannibal Spanish breed due to particularly warm winter, when we experienced above average temperatures for both December and January.

Dr Ian Bedford, Head of Entomology at John Innes Centre has stated that we could see as many as 200 slugs per cubic metre, each giving birth to 200 offspring. The Spanish strain of slugs are much longer than their UK counterparts, around 15 cm in length, and they also have an extra coat of protective slime, which makes them more resistant to common slug control.

A great way to keep slugs down in the garden is to introduce bird feeders, which will encourage more birds and hedge hogs, who will enjoy eating these slippery pets.

Here are some natural ways to can help to prevent snails and slugs from taking over your garden:

• Try and water first thing in the morning, as slugs and snails are out at night, and will benefit most from a damp environment, so if you stop the moisture at this time of day they will do less damage to your garden.

• Snails and slugs hate seaweed, by adding this to your boarders or using it as a mulch this will prevent snails from eating your plants.

• Copper is a great way of preventing them from eating your plants. For a cheaper alternative to garden centre copper, try using copper scouring pads, just simply unravel them and place them around your plants.

• Beer, pour some into a shallow container, this will attract the slugs and snails and they will drown in the beer.

• Salt – although this is a natural way to get rid of snails and slugs it is also quite a nasty way to destroy them. Adding salt to your pots, or making a ring around your plants will kill off snails and slugs.