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Sleep In Your Very Own Tree House…

March 21st 2014
By: Melanie

If like many of us as a child you dreamt of having your own tree house then perhaps this new type of hanging tree tent suitable for adults and children could be the answer. 

At Broom Park in Bodmin, you can experience sleeping in the trees, the owners state that it is more than a tent and even more than a tree house, it is the very first suspended tent in the air between the trees.

The tent is spherical, and is made for sustainable materials – suspended from strong cables 3m above the ground, it has been fabricated from a material which has a thick, thermal element, which keeps the room warm at night. There is also a wood burner, which means guests can stay in it all year around.

The cost to stay in this tree tent is £95 for two people per night, and guests can enjoy the roll open windows, as well as 20 acres of woodlands all to themselves. There is also a ground level camp where guests can enjoy a nap in the hammock, an outdoor kitchen, a fire circle and even a riverside living room in an afternoon suntrap, close the river.

If you would like to find out more about staying in a tree tent, or would like to check out more unusual properties on the Canopy and Stars website then please follow this link

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