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Sizzling home design trends this summer…

July 25th 2017
By: Melanie
Sizzling home design trends this summer…

If you are looking to either rent out or sell your property this summer and want to maximise its appeal then here are a few ideas which will make your property glow this season.

Things are warming up in interiors, so it’s out with the grey tones and in with the warmer shades such as Terracotta. If your flooring has seen better days how about changing it with some rustic looking tiling, or by add a few Terracotta accessories such as a few plant pots filled with Cactus or tropical looking plants.

Such as these antique stone Terracotta tiles from

Screen shot 2017 07 26 at 11.02.45

Great way to introduce Cactuses into your home is by investing in this Cactus collection from the

Screen shot 2017 07 28 at 10.05.29

It’s at this time of year when prospective buyers and renters will be putting more onus on the garden area. Make sure this looks good and accessorise patio furniture with the latest colour trends - bright yellows, bright blues, mixed with fruit style fabric in either the cushioning or throws. Bring in some kitsch style fabric and plenty of different size lanterns such as these ones pictured below from to brighten the look. Layering is key to making your patio look the best. 

Screen shot 2017 07 28 at 10.06.29

Introduce different types of natural looking wood into your home’s interior from beech to oak – key pieces are the dining table, bedside tables, bed and sofa legs. Scandinavian furniture with its simple design lines is bang on trend. Mix these with organic fabrics and hand weaved rugs, and geometric patterns. The key to this year’s trend is to strip back the interior look by using just a few key items and the accessories with bright greens, rusty oranges, reds and yellows. Such as this John Lewis geometric cushion.

Screen shot 2017 07 28 at 10.07.12

Low pendant lights in copper and brass from the will help you finish the look.

Screen shot 2017 07 28 at 10.07.53