Simple Ways To Lose Weight...

October 3rd 2014
By: Melanie

If like many of us you have enjoyed a bit of a carefree summer and piled on a few pounds, then here are some simple ways in which you can shed them in time for Christmas.

* Make sure you get enough shut-eye; research into obesity has shown that people who do not get enough sleep tend to over eat. This is because feeling tired makes them want to feel comfort and many people look towards food for this sensation.

* Don't deny yourself the odd treat, research has shown that weight loss goals are far more achievable with a few naughty snacks a long the way.

* If you want to eat pizzas and high calorific foods just eat one or two slices rather than several - this will help you keep your calorie intake down.

* Watch out for empty calories in alcohol; two 175ml glasses of wine contain the same amount of calories as a small hamburger. If you want to have a drink stick to spirits such as vodka, gin and mix with sugar free drinks, such as diet coke, you will find you are consuming about quarter the amount of calories compared to beer and wine. If you want to have a glass of wine, then red is supposed to be beneficial, but keep an eye on your intake.

* Choose full fat rather than half fat, such as full fat milk and yoghurt - this will enable you to fill full for longer. Studies show that people loose more weight when they opt for full fat as they tend to eat less to feel satisfied.

* Avoid drinking too many fruit juices or smoothies, these can contain a surprisingly high amount of calories, sometimes the same as in fizzy drinks. As juicing removes part of the fibre of fruit it's healthier to eat whole fruits instead.

* Take a walk before dinner, this will make you feel fuller before diner, resulting in consuming fewer calories.

* Eat brown bread, pasta and rice these will make you feel fuller for longer as they release the sugars much slower than white alternatives.