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Shed away your unwanted clutter

November 15th 2018
By: Melanie
Shed away your unwanted clutter

It’s true that one of the things that we have to leave with and deal with in our homes is clutter and what to do with it. As some clutter especially if you have children can be part of their everyday life or something valuable that they have created or have played with that you can’t bring yourself to throw away, whole rooms in our homes can be designated to just things, leaving no space for guests, home offices or even playrooms.  

Decluttering is all about organisation, but let’s face it unless you have loads of time on your hands, which is unlikely if you have a young family or you are a minimalist then you are unlikely to spend hours keeping on top of keeping your home uncluttered and put back in a designated place. 

That’s why the garden shed, a currently overlooked storage space for most families could offer respite from just having too much stuff in your home. The magazine Ideal Home, state ‘Just think what we could do with our sheds if we used a little imagination? It could become a spare room so visitors don’t have to put out their back on the sofa. Or an office where work at home can actually materialise. Maybe it could become a playroom for the kids, or, or… the list goes on.’

A survey from Clearabee found that just over half of homeowners have a shed in their back garden, but only one-third of those people actually know what is stored in their shed. Which stands to reason that if we shed what’s in our shed it could open up a huge window of opportunity to what we are going to do with all that extra space. 

So if you have a shed in the garden that you don’t know what to do with, why don’t you take another look, clear out the junk and think about how you can repurpose the space for you and your families needs.