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Save Money This Christmas: Cut Out Your Families Food Waste…

November 27th 2014
By: Melanie

There are only few weeks to go until Christmas and most families top of their list of priorities will be trying to make their money go further throughout December. So we checked out the Love Food, Hate Waste website, packed full of money saving ideas.
One of the best ways to ensure that you don't waste food is by having a large freezer, preferably with draws, as you will be able to see what you have available much easier. Freezer bags are also an essential part of freezing food that will otherwise perish or keeping food that will go off. Make sure you label your foods clearly with a black marker, it’s so easy to forget what’s inside when a few months have passed. Also try and keep each drawer for different items such as one for fresh fruit and veg, ice creams etc. it will be much easier to sort through. Look out for deals on items such as meat, and buy in bulk when on offer and freeze.
If you like many of us have burnt a pan, here is a great tip on how to revive it, posted by Emma from Northampton ‘To correct a burnt taste to food don't use the burst bit at the bottom of the pan but pour the rest into a new pan. Put a raw, peeled potato into the new saucepan with the sauce. The raw potato will absorb the burnt taste. Set the sauce aside for roughly 15 minutes and remove the raw potato. Gently reheat the sauce.’
Other tips we have loved in the past include, using up the dregs of wine by putting them in ice cube trays in the freezer to add to stews or for extra flavour, left over beer is a great fertilizer for grass.
If you have left over lemons or limes, cut them up into portions, 4 parts for example, pop them in a freezer bag and add to your cold drinks.
If you want to make stock from your left over chicken carcasses, but don't have time then pop them in the freezer until you do have time.
Rather than buying the more expensive Baked Beans with screw tops, buy them in tins and any left over’s put into a small plastic container. Plastic containers are also a vital element of saving waste.
According to the Love Food Hate Waste website we are always throwing out left over carbs, such as bread, potatoes etc. so portion control is key, here is the link to their carb calculator to make to reduce any waste for example an average adult should be eating 75g of rice.