Save Hundreds Off Your Energy Bill With These Simple Money Saving Tips...

March 27th 2014
By: Acquarone

Lowering our energy bills is top of the list for most homeowners, so we have compiled a list of simple ways in which you can save yourself hundreds each year:

• Wrapping a water jacket around your hot water tank could give you an annual saving of £10 per year.

 • Insulate your roof – it ideally needs to be fitted with 27cm of insulation, so if it is already insulated, but not to this level, then just add some more, this could save you up to £150 per year.

 • Replace your shower head with a water saving device, this is great for teenagers who seem to spend hours in the shower, this could save you £65 on energy and £95 on water for a family of four.

 • Turn your thermostat down, and wear a jumper, each degree you turn it down by you will be saving of between 1% - 6% off your energy per 8 hours, when you go to bed you can also either turn the thermostat down or turn your heating off.

 • Make sure your light bulbs are energy efficient, this could save you up to £45 per year.

 • When boiling the kettle make sure you don't overfill it, just boil enough for your usage, this could save you £30 annually.

 • Don't leave your appliances on standby, this could save you £80 each year.

 • If you have draughty windows then fit them with draught excluder, or double line your curtains. If you close your curtains at dusk this will also help with energy savings.

 • Place foil behind your radiators, and fit thermostats to each radiator, if you are not using a room then close it up and turn the radiator off.

 • When old appliances break down, or are inefficient, replace them with a new one, this could save you up to £30 per year on electricity.

• Install a water butt in your garden, so that you can save money on your water bills.

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