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Renting a property: how to make the most of the central heating system

January 24th 2017
By: Melanie
Renting a property: how to make the most of the central heating system

If you are renting a property there are still a few things you can do to ensure you are making the most of the heating system. If the property has a central heating system with radiators and the hot water is not circulating properly then it could be that your radiators need bleeding. If you have only one radiator that is not working properly you can use the following system, if one or more of your radiators is cold then contact your property manager.

However if only one radiator is not working here is how you can bleed it:

Make sure the radiator is cold and the valve is turned up. Turn off the heating system, to avoid air being drawn into the heating pump. You will need a radiator key, if you don’t have one of these available then most hardware or DIY shops will usually stock these.

The bleed valve is the smallest square nut at the top of the radiator. Place the key over the valve, holding an old rag underneath to catch any water, it might also be an idea to cover and flooring before starting this process to avoid any staining from spilled water. Then gently turn the key anti-clockwise until your hear a hissing sound, this is the air being released. Once the air has dispersed and water starts to enter into the radiator turn the key clockwise to shut the valve. Do not unscrew the valve completely as the plug will come out.

For more tips on how to keep warm this winter check out the maintenance tip page on the Intercounty website: