Remember, Remember to keep safe this November

October 31st 2017
By: Melanie
Remember, Remember to keep safe this November

Each year we celebrate fireworks night on and around November the 5th by either visiting an organised event or by creating our own in our gardens. However each year around 1,000 people are injured in the UK by not following the correct procedures when handling and disposing, so if you are thinking about hosting your own event this year here are a few reminders:

• Read the instructions properly so that you have a full understanding of the safe distance to set up your display. It’s also important to plan an order in which you will ignite the fireworks.

• Always store your fireworks in a sealed container, preferably a metal box

• Light fireworks at arms length

• Create a fireworks zone and a spectator zone, you will need to leave a distance of around 5, 8 or 25 meters depending on the firework specifications – that’s why it’s probably best to check this part before purchasing your fireworks to ensure that your garden is large enough.

• Never go back to a lit firework, even if it seems to have gone out

• Never transport the firework in your pocket

• Don't throw fireworks

• Always keep your pets in your home

• Always use BS 7114 fireworks from a reputable dealer

Sparklers can be dangerous if not handled properly:

• Sparklers are not suitable for children under 5

• Always make sure you supervise your children when holding a lit sparkler

• They must know that they must hold a sparkler at arms length, allowing plenty of space around them

• Make sure you have a water bucket handy, so that any spent sparklers can be put out safely.