Property Market Update

May 10th 2017
By: Natasha
Property Market Update

What’s really going on in the local housing market?

Richard Durrant, Managing Director of Intercounty comments, "After a period of unrest following, Brexit, the first quarter of 2017 has been pleasantly surprising with market activity far higher than we could have expected.

With the LSL/ Acadata House Price index showing 39 of the 108 regions and counties in England & Wales set new peak prices in March and the UK showing a monthly change of +0.5 % and an annual change of +3.3%. The average house price now is at £301,278 and it would seem that, with consumer confidence strong, interest rate increases seemingly on hold and mortgage supply and pricing remaining favourable, the housing market remains as solid investment.

As we go into May, we look forward to the traditionally busy Spring Market."

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