Property owners are moving less frequently

June 13th 2018
By: Melanie
Property owners are moving less frequently
Latest industry research has revealed that home owners are moving home less frequently than they did 30 years ago. 

However, year on year successful mortgage applications have risen from 64 out of a 100 in the first quarter of 2016 to 72 in 2017.

The Government’s home buying schemes such as the Help to Buy, Lifetime ISAs and Stamp Duty relief has helped many first time buyers get onto the housing ladder, freeing up the property buying chain, and this help is expected to continue as the Government is making huge reforms at a local level to help improve the buying and selling process with local government. 

Although there has been much concentration on first time buyers, many home owners, second steppers and so fourth still struggle to move up the ladder as they are hampered by wages verses house price increases, as well as stricter house buying criteria which takes in all aspects of someones outgoings and incomes. So it would be good to see the Government concentrate on all aspects of the housing market, looking at ways in which it has to free up the constraints of local planning, having more schemes aimed at second steppers so that there is less concentration on first time buyers and more on the global housing issues concerning everyone in the property chain. 

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