Preparing Your Garden For Winter This November…

November 3rd 2014
By: Melanie

November is a busy time in the garden and it’s all about putting the garden to bed, keeping your plants safe and your garden tidy before the onset of winter. The recent cold spell has bought down most of the leaves in our gardens and these will need to be cleared up and either composted, shredded, burnt or taken to your local rubbish dump.

• If you have any container plants that can be left out through winter then make sure these are lifted off the ground, to prevent water logging. Now is the time of year to plant any spring flowering bulbs such as tulips or daffodils.

• Roses will need to be trimmed back to prevent wind-rock. This is when the branches rock around and disturb the roots of your plant.

• Tender plants will need to be moved indoors or into a green house, and delicate plants will need to be covered up.

• Winter can be a tough time for birds, so if you can try and put feed and water out for them so that they can survive through the cold winter months.

• Make sure your garden fencing is secure, if you haven’t already put away garden furniture and BBQ, storing them in a dry place such as a shed or garage.

If you would like to inject some colour into your garden this winter then RHS, Royal Holticultral Society recommend these plants Winter bedding plants: these mainly flower in spring, but cyclamen, winter-flowering pansy, viola, primula and polyanthus will flower intermittently during mild spells in winter. As plants don’t grow very much in winter you will need to chose ones that are already large.

For more information on other winter plants then please follow this link

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