Prepare Your Home To Try And Avoid Flooding…

February 13th 2014
By: Melanie

In the UK we have had one of the wettest years in history, and with more rain on its way we have put together some ways in which you can protect your home from flooding this winter…
• Buy sandbags from your local builder’s merchant to help keep flood water out of your home. If you have a river which is flooding then try create a barrier by lining the bank with sandbags.
• Airbricks can allow water to enter, so make sure you replace these with covers that are easy to fit if your home is under threat of flooding. If you live in an area which is regularly flooded you can now buy airbricks which allow air to flow but stop water from entering your home during a flood.
• Exterior walls, ensure your pointing is in good condition, and apply water-proofing sealant to your homes exterior walls, this will prevent water from penetrating through your walls.
• Fit non-return valves to your pipes and drains this will prevent waste from flowing back through your property.
• Protect doors and windows by creating purpose-built barriers, you can buy metal plates which slide down brackets on either side of your openings, or use old floor boards.
Source: Environment Agency