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Positive News As Uk Homes Are Estimated At £5.96 Trillion…

January 23rd 2013
By: Melanie
Positive News As Uk Homes Are Estimated At £5.96 Trillion…

The forecast seems positive for the housing market in 2013, which has been backed up by Zoopla who have said that Britain’s homes gained £57bn in value last year, bringing the total market back to levels experienced in 2009.
According to Zoopla, one of the largest property portals in the UK, the value of homes across Britain have reached a staggering £5.96 trillion. They have arrived at these figures by combining the estimated current market worth of every home in the UK.
Zoopla spokesman Lawrence Hall said: 'Even with the worst economic downturn in living memory over the past few years, the value of Britain's housing stock has grown a staggering amount over the last 10 years.
'It's hard to see if we will experience the same levels of year-on-year growth witnessed in the early noughties, but with overall values beginning to creep back up, homeowners should be feeling a little more confident.'
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