Our Wardrobes Have An Estimated Value Of £30 Billion Of Unworn Clothing

July 12th 2012
By: Melanie

A new survey has revealed that British consumers have an estimated £30 billion worth of clothing they have not worn for a year in their wardrobes.

The new report issued by the government waste body Wrap, has estimated that each UK household owns around £4,000 worth of clothes.

The new report also reveals a major shift in consumers approach to buying fashionable clothes; according to the report the UK’s obsession with disposable fashion might also be on the way out. Consumers are much more eager to Up-cycle clothes (this is where you take a garment/furniture and make it into something else or re-create it), and due to it’s popularity vintage shops and Up-cycling shops are popping up all over the UK.

The clothes industry currently accounts for around 5% of the UK’s total annual expenditure, with consumers spending £44 billion a year on clothes. Reducing the amount of clothes we buy could not only see great savings but also help reduce our carbon footprint.

Lord Taylor, minister for environment, said: 'Making better use of our resources is integral to economic growth, cutting carbon emissions and building a strong and sustainable green economy. This report shows that there is a huge potential for both businesses and households to save money and the environment by thinking differently about the way we produce, use and dispose of clothes. Used clothing has a massive commercial value, yet over 430,000 tonnes is thrown away in the UK every year.'

Source: Wrap