Our Picnic Pick For Your Family

April 8th 2015
By: Melanie

If you've been enjoying the recent warm wave of good weather we've been having over the Easter holidays then you will probably be thinking about having a picnic with your children as at the end of the week it might even get into the early 20's. So we've found 15 picnic ideas that you and your family can enjoy over the rest of this spring break from the Good Housekeeping magazine.

1. Salmon Sandwich Stacks

2. Beef Burrito

3. Warming Ginger Soda

4. On the side hummus

5. Green Garden Salad

6. Stuff picnic loaf

7. Individual sausage and egg pies

8. Light and Fresh potato salad

9. Picnic pizza bread

10. Lamb pitta pockets

11. Red pepper Salad

12. Cheesy spinach muffins

13. Traditional flapjacks

14. Triumphant strawberry and cream jelly

15. The perfect Victoria sponge cake

If you are looking to replace or buy a picnic set, John Lewis have got a large range of picnic ideas, from hampers to retro containers, ranging from £2 to £100.