Our Guide To Keeping Your House Warm This February…

February 5th 2015
By: Melanie

This cold snap looks as though it is here to stay for another few weeks, and it’s amazing how much our homes can cool down when it goes below zero. So here is our guide to staying warm this February:

 • If you struggle to heat your whole house, then make sure you keep at least one room warm, such as your living room, so that you have somewhere to escape to.

• Place foil behind radiators, this will help to bounce the heat back into the room, rather than being absorbed by the walls. Keep any large pieces of furniture away from your radiators as well, as this will prevent heat from entering a room.

• Wear layers instead of one big jumper and make sure your feet are warm.

• Drink plenty of hot drinks and soups, if you are worried about boiling your kettle, put any left over water into a flask to use for later.

• Bung up any drafts entering your home, you can loose a lot of heat from your home through drafts in doors and windows. Buy some insulation tape to put around windows and use an old stocking a fill with socks to stop drafts in doors.

• If it’s not sunny then keep your curtains closed, this will help keep the cold out and the warmth in. But open them when it is sunny. Thick curtains will also really help keep in the warmth. If you are no good at sewing and have some spare curtains for fabric, just cut them out to the same size as your existing curtains and pin them with safety pins during the coldest spell.

• Make sure during cold snaps that you set the heating to come on earlier rather than hiking up the thermostat, as this will cost far less money.

• If you have wood floors then place rugs on them as they will absorb the heat rather than allowing it to escape through the skirt boards and floor. 10% of heat can be lost through floorboards.

• If you have an unused chimney you could be losing a lot of heat up it, fill it with a chimney balloon, or visit this website for more information These cost around £20 on-line and could save you a huge amount on your energy bill.

• Make sure your roof is properly insulated, rolls of foam insulation are relatively cheap, and a standard sized loft space with 3 rolls of 8 inch deep foam will normally be enough. For a full insulating loft guide please visit the Which? webiste