Organise your home day

January 18th 2016
By: Natasha

One of the hardest things to do, especially with a growing family is to keep on top of the clutter that comes into our homes. Although the official ‘organise your home day’ has already passed, here are some tips on how to keep your home tidy:

Shoes are one of the worst culprits for creating clutter, especially in winter, as we seem to have to have so many different types of footwear from wellington boots, snow boots, boots, shoes and so fourth, multiply that by a family of four and that equals a lot of shoes. One way you can keep them tidy if you have a porch, is to invest in a wellington boots rack, where you can hang to boots upside down to dry, keeping them from cluttering your hallway. Invest in a moveable, stackable shoe rack, placed underneath your coats. Coats can also take up much needed space, so why not invest in a freestanding coat rack where you can keep them all neat in one place.

Keys – these seem to get put everywhere, so why not allocate a zone in your home for keys, either a bowl or ideally hooks where you can colour co-ordinate the keys depending on their purpose. 

It might seem obvious but by teaching children to put things back after using them can really help – I’m sure some of us adults could learn a thing or two about putting things back after use too. Creating a space for everything from torches to cleaning products means that there are no excuses for clutter.

As your children grow, so will the pile of clothes that don’t fit them too, so make sure you sort these out regularly by giving them to a friend or taking them to a charity shop, it’s amazing how much space unwanted clothes can take up.

If you haven’t used an item in the last six months, think about whether you really need it, and if you don’t, get rid of it.

Kitchen gadgets – most of us tend to end up with lots of these, they take up a huge amount of space, and often only get used for a certain amount of time, such as juicers, bread makers, spiralizers – if you don’t use these put them on an auction site.