October Gardening – What We Need To Be Doing In The Garden?

October 16th 2012
By: Melanie

In October we need to be thinking about preparing the garden for the winter months ahead, if you have grown potatoes it will be soon time to harvest the main crop, cut back any leaves as this will prevent any blight from entering the potatoes and leave them in the ground for another couple of weeks. Wait for a sunny day and then dig them up with a fork. Take off any excess soil and then put them in hessian sacks and store in a dry, dark place.

Carrots and beans can also be harvested, but parsnips should be left in the ground, as after a frost they can taste much sweeter. If you have grown any cabbages these can come up too, sprinkle with salt before you store them as this will help them to stay fresh throughout winter. Any tomatoes which haven’t ripened can either be put on a sunny window sill or made into tomato chutney. Harvest pumpkins for Haloween.

October is a good month for digging in compost to your unused beds ready for planting.

The leaves will soon start falling, these can be put into a chicken wire cage to help them to mulch down in winter, reducing the amount of leaves by 2/3, so you can keep filling the cage as they fall.

Bring in your remaining winter pots, and herbs and you could create a winter window herb box, please see our how to guide on our website.