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Nuclear Missile Is Up For Sale

December 14th 2011
By: Melanie

Have you ever considered living in a quirky house? This could be taking the decision to an extreme, as a missile silo home has come onto the market with an estate agent in New York. This nuclear silo had been previously unused has now been converted into a luxury four bedroom home.

The surface of this unique home covers 1,800 square foot, and is located in Saranac’s Adirondack State Park, underneath the floor boards of the home lays the launch pad for an intercontinental ballistic missile built in the 1950’s

The missile was originally constructed to fire warheads at the Russia, however after the Cold War came to an end in 1991, Bruce Francisco and his cousin Gregory Gibbons bought the real estate with the idea to transform it into a home.

The property is set in 19 acres of woodland and comprises of a 125 foot stairwell that leads to the subterranean Cold War Complex. There are marble bathrooms with a Jacuzzi which have replaced the missile control centre. If you fancy buying a home which can with stand both nuclear attacks and earthquakes then this could be the house for you, however the price tag of $750,000 might put you off.