Nothing Beats A Real Open Fire In Winter…

January 14th 2016
By: Melanie

Weather reports show that we are in for a cold snap in the UK, many more of us will be lighting our fires and wood burners to top up our other forms of heating. But having a fire is not just about pure practicality, it has magnetising affect on the inhabitants, drawing them in and making if feel so much better about being in on a dull or cold winter’s day. 

There’s also something quite enjoyably, primeval about the whole process of lighting a fire and watching the flames as they flicker - which are both warming and mesmorising.

If you are looking at moving to a home that is adorned with a real fire, then Intercounty Harlow have this beautiful character home dating back to the 17th century for sale, complete with a brick fireplace and wood burning stove at the heart of the property. The property features three double bedrooms and one large single, it has five reception rooms, a double storey extension and is situated near Old Harlow and is priced at £525,000. If you would like to find out more information about this character filled property then please follow the link or call Intercounty Harlow on 01279 639666.

However if you don’t have a real fire and you are not looking at moving then we could have the solution – turning your TV into an imitation log fire, complete with flickering flames and crackling noises, by signing up to Netflix and watching the series 'Fireplace For Your Home.' Netflix have the series’ available in 4k for your home, which makes them clearer and more realistic. But having watched these on my own Netflix account I can only draw to the conclusion that nothing beats a real open fire.