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This year's interior fashions - hit the blues

January 2nd 2017
By: Melanie
This year's interior fashions - hit the blues

Interior design looks to continue to be blue throughout 2017, however rather than dark, greeny teals, dusky blues will dominate this year’s blue. Blue/greens mixed with stark white and black furnishings will really give it that fresh geometric feel. Sunshine yellow, and retro Hexagon tiles are back in fashion again too. Painting walls and wood paneling in mineral greys will add texture to walls and work well in a somber setting. Pastel pinks, soft yellows and greens furniture will also remain popular in 2017.

If you want to bring a bit of blue into your homes interior, the best way to do this is through your home’s soft furnishings, such as changing the cushions, or curtains, or even a rug.

Natural woods such as oak and beech will also remain a popular choice for walls, floor and furniture. A room with a mixture of woods can make it feel very warm throughout winter. Natural products such as woolen rugs can give a home a Scandinavian feel.

If you’ve been inspired by George Clarkson’s amazing spaces then you won’t be surprised to know that foldable rooms and fold away gadgets are also set to be a real hit in 2017- not only do they save space, they also look great too. Fake leather surfaces, such as tables and so fourth will also be very popular, alongside butterfly prints. To create a bang up to date look for your home take all of next year’s colours, mix and match patterns – almost a twist on cottage industry patchwork designs. And forget black, navy is the new black.