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New Year, new you…

January 3rd 2018
By: Melanie
New Year, new you…

The new year is a time when many of us will feel that it’s a good time to change or modify a few aspects of our lives, this could be in anything from getting fitter, losing weight after the festive season, getting on top of our finances to moving home. There’s something about starting a new year that can motivate us more to make changes in our life than at any other time of year, it’s almost like starting off with a fresh canvas again. 

There are so many motivational activities during January too, RUN January which promotes getting out every day and either running or walking, or combining the two. Dry January - taking time off from alcohol and raising money and awareness as well as raising money for six UK charities. 

However when embarking on any new changes in your life it’s best not to be too hard on yourself and odd slip here and there can happen, just get back on the wagon and start again. It’s not about punishment it’s about giving something a go, and even if you do slip off just remember you can get back on it again, it doesn’t have to be a landslide. 

If one of your new year’s resolutions is to move home then to make this achievable you will need to think about your end goal. Do you want to move up, move down, change areas to be in a better catchment area of your school? Find out how much your house is worth by asking a local experienced estate agent such as Intercounty, that way you will be able to work what you can afford, minus costs.