New or old home?

August 18th 2016
By: Melanie
New or old home?

This is a question many of us will be asking ourselves when we embark on probably the largest financial investment we will make in our lifetime. Some people are just fans of buying a new property whereas other people just like living in a more characterful home.

However purchasing an older property will often mean spending more time and money on maintenance, whereas by contrast if you bought a new home you could spend more time enjoying yourself. Unless of course you enjoy doing DIY. Some of us just feel better living in older homes that are unique and not homes, which have been modeled by a developer. A decision could also be based on experience, for example if you have already lived in an older property and have felt like a slave to the on-going maintenance, the thought of having a low-maintenance new home could be very appealing.

Older homes often come with larger, more mature gardens compared to new build homes. They are also usually situated in areas where there are long-established communities. Older homes can also be redeveloped and shaped to your own family’s needs, whilst still retaining the charm an old home has to offer.

A new build home will be designed to meet the requirements of modern day living, and are often built with large/kitchen diners, open-plan layouts, as well as being bathed in natural light – all very popular with buyers. If you buy a brand new home you will usually get a choice of finishes for the kitchens and bathrooms, enabling you to put your own stamp on your new home without having to lift a DIY finger.

New homes are usually more energy efficient, making them cheaper to run than an older home. Most developers will offer the NHBC 10-year warranty on new homes, giving you peace of mind that your investment is will be covered if anything goes wrong with your new home.  

At the end of the day whether to buy a second-hand home or a new one comes down to personal choice, so the best way to tackle this decision is to view some old and new properties to find out which ones are the most appealing.

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