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Need Motivation For Sober October?...

October 13th 2015
By: Melanie

If you are among one of the thousands of people who are participating in Sober October to raise money for Macmillan cancer trust, or you are doing it to see the health benefits associated with not drinking, after two weeks you will probably have noticed the positive effects it is having on your body, such as losing weight, having clearer skin and feeling less tired. 

However not drinking in today’s society is quite a difficult challenge, as it’s only when you stop that you notice what a big part it plays in our social lives. Many of us use it as a stress relief after a busy day or perhaps as a sign to mark the arrival of the weekend. The Go Sober website suggests that rather than reaching for a drink to de-stress that we should try some basic breathing exercises instead which will also give us the same feeling of relaxation.

They also suggest that we should look out for our trigger points, these are times when we feel like having a drink, such as when we say to ourselves ‘when I feel I’m stressed or feel I have worked hard, I deserve a drink.’ Before reaching for that work-reward scenario drink just pause for a moment to work out consciously the background behind that way of thinking, and look at alternatives such as having a boxing session, or taking the dog out to get some space.

Not drinking has other advantages too – no more arguing about who is going to drive and you will have probably noticed the difference to your bank balance too.

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