Need Inspiration For Your Garden Retreat Or Outside Office?

April 23rd 2013
By: Melanie

Have you ever dreamed of creating extra space in your garden? Perhaps you’ve been inspired by George Clarke’s, Channel 4 series, Amazing Spaces.

Long gone are the days when extra space in the garden has to be limited to a garden room, conservatory or a potting shed. All it seems is needed is some imagination, and in some cases lots of hard work, and then anything can be achieved.

There are so many different bespoke and off the peg garden rooms/offices styles to choose from, but we are going to be taking a look at some more creative types of outdoor spaces over the following week, show casing a beautifully restored wooden caravan, a converted horsebox available for holiday rent, a stunning renovated airstream and a vintage bus also available for family holidays. Hopefully you will share with us your favourite one on our Facebook page, and also any pictures of any of the extra space you have created in your gardens.

The Bunkie (featured) is a collaborative effort between industrial design firm 608 Design and architectural design firm BLDG Workshop. It involves 'reduced impact materials and adopting CNC detailing from furniture manufacturing for use in pre-fab construction'.