National Picnic Week

June 4th 2014
By: Melanie

National picnic week runs each year between the 16th and 21st of June. So what is National Picnic week? National picnic week was set up over a decade ago to help people to come together to share a picnic, giving them advice, tips, recipes and enabling people to explore some of the wonderful picnic sites that are on offer across the whole of the UK. They recommend 15 picnic sites across the UK, including Somerset House in London. 

In Essex and Herts we have so many spots where we can enjoy a picnic, from local parks, riversides, conservation areas to beaches - rain permitting, and if it does rain why not set up picnic in your front room, children love to picnic at home.

Picnic foods can range from anything such as carrot and cucumber sticks with dips to the more sophisticated strawberries and champagne, they can be wrapped up in foil or stored in a multi-faceted picnic hamper.

If you are organising a picnic day with friends and family, then ask them to bring along foods which can be shared by everyone such as quiches or finger foods that way everyone can experience new picnic foods. Picnics don’t need to consist of soggy egg sandwiches and a few stale crisps. If you need picnic inspiration why not check out some of Jamie Oliver’s picnic recipes which included smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber picnic loaf recipe to Maroccan chicken and potato salad  and if you want to pimp your picnic then check out some of these picnic accessories.

If you would prefer to buy something ready made, then why not check out your local market for fresh bread, meats and chesses or pop into your local M & S store for some tasty picnic treats.

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