National Hug Day – does your home give you a warm embrace?

January 18th 2017
By: Melanie
National Hug Day – does your home give you a warm embrace?

It’s National Hug Day on January 21st, a day when we all give each other a hug. In these cold, short winter days it’s really important that our homes embrace us as soon as we walk through the door. There’s nothing like the lure of a cosy, warm, inviting home after a busy day at the office or taking care of the family. So if your home could do with a bit of touch of homeliness here are some ideas on how you can make your home feel a bit more snug this winter.

One of the most important factors to have an inviting home is to make sure that it feels warm as soon as you walk in - if you have central heating set this to come on at least a couple of hours before you get home. Putting some lights on a timer set to come on when you arrive home will also make it feel much more cosy when you walk through the door.

There’s nothing better after a long day than coming home to the smell of cooking. By using a slow cooker and preparing dinner before your day starts, ensures you will have a steaming hot meal, ready to use as soon as you get home. Stews, soups and rice pudding are excellent when cooked in a slow cooker.

It can be hard not to binge on TV throughout the winter months, so why not prepare a cosy place to read in your home where you can curl up and read a good book. As well as a warm place to play board games and do projects – ideally where you can leave them out for the next day.

If you don’t have an open fire to take to snuggle up to you could always create an instant fire by streaming the log fire film from Netflix’s onto your TV screen, it’s surprisingly realistic. If you are lucky enough to have a fire then make sure you have the chimney swept and good store of wood, by ensuring that you have everything prepared, such as the kindling and logs will it make lighting a fire each evening much more enjoyable.  

Create layers of lighting, you can do this by making sure you have a good selection of spots, and reading lights with warm light bulbs, candles can also add an extra element– it’s amazing how much difference good lighting can make to the feel of a home.

Make sure you have a good stock of blankets to cosy up under whilst you spend time in your living room, stored in a cupboard or storage box.

If your bathroom floor feels cold then why not add a rug, it will make it instantly feel much warmer and inviting. Use candles whist in the bath, and buy yourself some nice bath salts.