Muesli - Create Your Own Recipe...

February 25th 2015
By: Melanie

For many of us reaching for muesli in a supermarket is making a conscious decision to aim for a healthy, low calorie, low sugar breakfast alternative, but for many cereals on our shelves this is not the case. To find out how much sugar and how many calories your muesli contains check out the nutritional label, which will tell you how much sugar there is per serving.

If you fancy creating your own muesli, but don’t have time to make it could offer a great healthy alternative. The site enables the shopper to make their own made to order muesli.

First of all you will need to choose your base from Bircher Oats, Chocolate Crunch, Chocolate Dream, Crunch and Oat, Crunch honey granola, Damn nutritious, Five Grains and lots more. You can then chose to add apple, apricots, Aronia Berries, banana (which is not fried) and many more.  Next select any nuts you would like to add, from Almonds to Cashew nuts. Every time you add an element is adds them to a virtual packet, once you have filed it up you can then go onto the next stage .

We tried the system out and our muesli included; Crunch honey granola, oat bran, dried apple, Aronia berries, cranberries and hazelnuts the total cost was £7.65 for 575g  of your own blend – equivalent to £1.33/100g inl. VAT, plus delivery. You then get to name your own muesli mix. If you place an order for £40 you could also get free delivery.