Manage Your Food And Shopping…

February 25th 2015
By: Melanie

Most of us are aware of the huge amount of food we waste in the UK, but trying to stop the waste isn’t always that easy, so we checked out a few on-line apps available to help you to manage your cupboards, shopping lists and freezers.

The shopping application we found the most interesting was ‘Out of Milk’ it’s an American app so there are some things you can’t do, like sync it with your local supermarket. One of the hardest things to keep control of, especially if you have deep cupboards is what we have inside them. So in my wisdom I decided to add these to the section of the app where you can add the items you already have, after adding about 3 items, I realised that trying to add these to the list on a regular basis, with limited time, would be unrealistic, so I quickly abandoned the app, and thought of a better way.

Instead I waded through the stacks of duplicate tins and packets, checking for out of date ones, and there were several of those and then tried to find an order that would suit my families needs. So I put tins of beans together, coconut milks, oils vinegars etc. and since then have been able to see when writing my shopping list exactly what I have and don’t have in my store cupboards.

I then moved onto my freezer, it was amazing how many items I had forgotten about, and not labeling items properly before adding to the freezer can be a nightmare, as I just couldn’t remember what were inside the transparent freezer bags.  So the next stage was to buy a large black market pen – just by scribbling the contents of each packet before freezing really helps.  Sorting out different draws for leftovers, meat and vegetables might seem pretty obvious but with most of us having little time to even shop it’s hardly surprising that draws can quickly get in a muddle, which ends up inevitably in food waste.

Top tips to saving money of food:
• Invest in a large freezer
• Freeze left over items and clearly mark the contents
• Check your cupboards contents
• Plan your weekly meal plan
• Write a shopping list and stick to it  - avoiding BOGOffs unless they can be frozen
• After shopping place new items at the back of your fridge and older items at the front.