Making your home feel more cosy

February 17th 2016
By: Natasha

When we’ve been out all day at work we almost need our homes to wrap us up and make us feel better as soon as we walk through the door. But if you find that your home doesn’t give you that feeling here are a few ways in which you can make your home feel more cosy.

The décor in a home can make a real difference to a sense of mood, if you have chosen to paint your home in cool shades such as white and cooler tones, you will find that it will make it feel less cosy. By introducing warmer tones in warm pastel coal greys (these are ones which have a tint of brown) this will automatically make your space feel more cosy. If you have a large long room you could try painting both ends of the room a darker colour as this will also make a room feel more cosy.

Home accessories such as paintings can make a real difference to a home too, introduce some warm touches to lampshades and picture frames by bringing in some natural finishes, such as pine. In recent years we have seen the arts and crafts movement coming back into our homes with large knit crochet foot rests and blankets in warm pastel shades – there’s something very warming about thick knits and crocheted furnishings.

Flooring can make a real difference too, a white or grey tiled floor can make a home feel really cool, if you are not looking at changing the entire flooring throughout your home consider buying some earthy coloured rugs. If you would like to change your floor then replacing it with a wooden floor will really warm up a space, or an earthy colour carpet.