Making the move with your furry friends

October 28th 2019
By: Melanie
Making the move with your furry friends

It can be quite stressful moving with pets as they also take time to adjust to new environments and different routines. So here are a few ways in which you can make moving home with animals slightly easier. All that is needed is a bit of planning.

Moving is an upheaval and can cause your routine to go a bit out of sync. However, it's important to keep to your pets already formed routine, if you feed them at a certain time or walk them or let them in and out of the house at a set time, then try to make sure you keep to this. 

Once you’ve arrived in your new property prioritise putting out their new beds and bowls straightaway. Make sure that they are in a quiet, and safe place whilst you are still unpacking boxes and the removal company are going backwards and forwards into the house. If you have a cat then make sure they are contained in one place such as a bathroom out of the way, where they won’t be disturbed or be allowed to escape. 

Continue to feed and walk them at the same time of day if you have a dog. Cats usually need to be kept in for around a week so that they can get used to their new environment. The first time you let them out just try to keep an eye on them and let them back in as soon as they come back to the house. 

Some pet owners prefer to send their pets away during a move which can make it much less stressful for both owner and pet. 

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