Looking to move before Christmas? Get an instant valuation

September 19th 2017
By: Melanie
Looking to move before Christmas? Get an instant valuation

If you are thinking about moving home before Christmas then there’s still time, there’s around 90+ days to go – it’s not going to be easy but it’s possible. Moving home can really bring some excitement to the festive period, the lure of spending Christmas in new home and having a big celebration.  So here is some advice on how to get moving for a Christmas move:

• Get an instant valuation of your property - this will enable you to work out what price property you can afford.

• Make sure you employ the services of a local agent to make sure your property is on at the correct price as an overpriced property could mean that you don’t manage to move in time for Christmas. Stage your property for the photos, ideally if you have a wood stove light this for photo shoot.

• Get your property on the market – photos will be your properties main selling tools, and at Intercounty we understand how important this is so that we’ve employed the services of a professional photographer to ensure these look at their best.

• Start to look at new properties within your price range

• Once you’ve found your perfect property make sure that the vendors and your conveyencing company understand that you would like to move before Christmas.

• If you are looking to move up into a larger property then you will need to seek mortgage advice, check out the services from our recommended mortgage company, EMS.

• Make sure that you set up a re-direct service with the Royal Mail in plenty of time so that you receive all of your Christmas cards.

• Get packing, making sure that your Christmas decorations are easily accessible once you have moved.

Lastly probably best to buy your Christmas tree after your move.