Lavender Blue Dilly Dilly……

September 8th 2014
By: Melanie

Lavender is a great perennial that attracts the butterflies all summer and for years people have wanted their homes to smell nice so creative ideas to use and craft items out of Lavender. During the Victorian Era “fine ladies' would make things from the Lavender flowers for use in the home.  Have you ever come across a lavender wand before?  It’s definitely something you could have a go at making using the last of the lavender flowers in the garden. All you need is a bunch of say 15 lavender flowers with their stems and a longish piece of narrow ribbon.

So take your small bunch of anywhere from 7-17 stems (choosing an odd number helps with the weaving) Bind them tightly together just below the last flower buds with your ribbon, leave one end of the ribbon long and the other short. Then carefully bend back each stem one at a time down over the blossom heads, its good to do this with fresh cut lavender as the stems are still flexible. The stems will start to form a kind of cage around the flower heads of your lavender encasing them and the short end of the binding ribbon. Using the long end of the ribbon weave it carefully (basket weave- under/over ) the ribbon taking care to keep it flat until all the flower heads are encased. To finish you simple tie off the remaining bit of ribbon leaving the rest of the stems exposed or or you might want to wrap the rest of the ribbon binding the stems together tightly (they will shrink when they dry) down to the ends and then back up to the base of the flower heads.

There are all kinds of variation of a lavender wand on Youtube, what a great homemade Christmas present  idea to have done and dusted ready to go.