Latest Food Trends - Fad Or Fact?

February 17th 2015
By: Melanie

After being told for years that fat is the enemy by the medical industry, we are now being informed that this research was flawed, as tests were only carried out on men, and not that many either. It does beg the question whether in a few years time we will be informed that sugar is also healthy for us to eat. To back up these findings new recipes are being created full of artificial sugars as according to the American Food & Drug Administration and the European Safety Authority they are safer to use than sugar.

Conflicting ideas make it so difficult for us to know what is actually safe to eat and what is not.  Among the healthy diets promoted at the moment is the Mediterranean diet - a diet full of salads, beans, avocados; nick named the anti-stroke diet. And forget the Smoothies they are so last year - research has shown that blending fruit not only takes out all of the natural fibres, it can also give your body a massive hit of sugar which it can't cope with, leading to the possibility diabetes.

This year it's all about Superfoods, and Chia is at the top of the list. These are small black seeds that are allegedly packed full of protein, fibre, omega 3, magnesium and antioxidants. Then there's becoming a Flexitarian - cutting out meat for one day of the week, then there's eating raw soups, using nut butters on your toast, the list seems to be endless.

Most of us want to stay as healthy as possible, so find it difficult not to be sucked in the latest health craze/scare. But it does seem as though the aged-old advice is the best, eat and drink in moderation, as eating a bit of what you like probably won't kill you.