Landlords' Should Keep Their Property Neutral

July 24th 2012
By: Acquarone

There are many ways in which buy to let property owners can help to make their property more appealing, but keeping it neutral is arguably the most effective option, one expert has advised.

According to Lee Grandin, director at Landlord Mortgages, landlords need to take good care of their houses both before and after tenants move in so that any prospective future renters will not be put off.

'The rule is to keep the property neutral. Do not over furnish a newly purchased Buy To Let. Some landlords will wait for a potential tenant's wish list and then furnish according to the chosen tenants needs,' he explained.

Mr Grandin said that, at one point, there was a 'genuine fear' among landlords that the Rent Deposit Scheme would favour towards the tenant and be costly for the landlord to administer.

'However, that has not been the case and the environment of buy to let is fair to all parties,' the expert concluded.

Meanwhile, according to Tom Entwistle, editor of the advice site Landlord Zone, buy to let property owners who make the decision to 'go green' in the months ahead may find that it benefits them in the long run.

With new legislation and incentives being introduced to help reduce unnecessary energy expenditure, implementing energy efficient measures is a 'wise move' for any landlord, he noted.

Source: Written by Frances McDonald for